Key Components of a Killer Customer Marketing Strategy

It is easy to see marketing as a process of specifically attracting and converting prospects, and the practice of generating and capitalizing on the specific interests of a customer, looking for whatever service such as landscape maintenance. The customer base presents a perfect and lucrative wellspring of new and sustained business opportunities that businesses should constantly tap into. This is where the concept of customer marketing comes in.

Customer Marketing

Customer marketing refers to any kind of marketing that is tailored towards appealing to existing customers as opposed to new prospects. It is generally conducted to market additional products to your established customer base, retain customers, and foster customer loyalty to turn your existing customers into evangelists of your business.

Customer marketing is in large part the art of building customer loyalty in the hope that those elements will ultimately translate to new business. New businesses could mean existing customers buying your new products. Additionally, it could mean customers upgrading the products you have provided to them or even upping their current tier of service you offer them.

If you are looking forward to establishing a successful customer driven marketing strategy, here are a couple of things you need to consider.

Leverage Buyer Persona

This point applies to virtually every aspect of your marketing. That said, a customer-driven marketing strategy will not be an exception. The success of your marketing will be depended on your ability to understand and approach the people you are trying to appeal to. This explains the reason why it’s always important to use a detailed buyer persona to guide your customer marketing efforts.

Provide exemplary Customer Service

Two of the most important endgames when it comes to customer-driven marketing are garnering customer loyalty and facilitating customer evangelism. These two will be strongly dependent on the experiences you give your customers. They will base the experiences they will get from your products and services and your company as a whole. You need to be thorough and responsive when addressing individual customer problems and concerns.

Listen and engage with your customers

Customer feedback is central to the efficacy of any marketing strategy. You will not be able to know what your customers expect from you if you don’t listen to them. You should never ignore the thoughts and inputs of your customers. Pay close attention to how your customers are interacting with your brand on social media platforms. Hear what they say on those platforms and be willing to make adjustments focused on product development, messaging, outreach, and enhancing customer-driven marketing.

Generate referrals

You need to have systems and strategies in place to generate referrals. This is the point customer marketing and traditional marketing come together. It presents one of the clearest ways to generate loyalty to new businesses, while at the same time keeping current customers engaged and enthusiastic about your company. You need to come up with a robust customer referral program as it gives you the chance to turn customers into evangelists of your business.