Key Components of a Killer Customer Marketing Strategy

It is easy to see marketing as a process of specifically attracting and converting prospects, and the practice of generating and capitalizing on the specific interests of a customer, looking for whatever service such as landscape maintenance. The customer base presents a perfect and lucrative wellspring of new and sustained business opportunities that businesses should constantly tap into. This is where the concept of customer marketing comes in.

Customer Marketing

Customer marketing refers to any kind of marketing that is tailored towards appealing to existing customers as opposed to new prospects. It is generally conducted to market additional products to your established customer base, retain customers, and foster customer loyalty to turn your existing customers into evangelists of your business.

Customer marketing is in large part the art of building customer loyalty in the hope that those elements will ultimately translate to new business. New businesses could mean existing customers buying your new products. Additionally, it could mean customers upgrading the products you have provided to them or even upping their current tier of service you offer them.

If you are looking forward to establishing a successful customer driven marketing strategy, here are a couple of things you need to consider.

Leverage Buyer Persona

This point applies to virtually every aspect of your marketing. That said, a customer-driven marketing strategy will not be an exception. The success of your marketing will be depended on your ability to understand and approach the people you are trying to appeal to. This explains the reason why it’s always important to use a detailed buyer persona to guide your customer marketing efforts.

Provide exemplary Customer Service

Two of the most important endgames when it comes to customer-driven marketing are garnering customer loyalty and facilitating customer evangelism. These two will be strongly dependent on the experiences you give your customers. They will base the experiences they will get from your products and services and your company as a whole. You need to be thorough and responsive when addressing individual customer problems and concerns.

Listen and engage with your customers

Customer feedback is central to the efficacy of any marketing strategy. You will not be able to know what your customers expect from you if you don’t listen to them. You should never ignore the thoughts and inputs of your customers. Pay close attention to how your customers are interacting with your brand on social media platforms. Hear what they say on those platforms and be willing to make adjustments focused on product development, messaging, outreach, and enhancing customer-driven marketing.

Generate referrals

You need to have systems and strategies in place to generate referrals. This is the point customer marketing and traditional marketing come together. It presents one of the clearest ways to generate loyalty to new businesses, while at the same time keeping current customers engaged and enthusiastic about your company. You need to come up with a robust customer referral program as it gives you the chance to turn customers into evangelists of your business.

Six Ways to Save Money on Low-Income

Across the country, the number of individuals living on paycheck after paycheck is growing every day. If you are living on a low-income, saving money might seem like quite a challenge. I always try to save money from  towing services tasks and the first principle of saving money is paying yourself first.  It sounds very hard to save on things like an emergency fund, retirement, cars, college fund or a dream house. Although it seems impossible, one can save a good amount of money even on a low income. The following six ways can help a low-income earner save money and achieve their dreams.

Make a budget

Making a budget is a good trick to track the amount you spend every month. Ensure you follow your budget to the latter to get great results. Prioritize your budget according to the essential expenses. The budget should include all your monthly income and expenditures. If you have any extra money after your monthly expenses, set the money aside for savings such as college fund or retirement. Having a plan of every dollar earned helps avoid wasting money in unplanned spending.

Cut out non-essentials

Cut out things are not very essential such as avoiding utility providers and avoid eating out. Start by purchasing your groceries and cooking your food. Try to cut out on entertainment and vacations if you cannot afford it. Use the money meant for such expenses in savings.

Minimize housing costs

Housing is a colossal expense, especially for low- income earners. Consider sharing an apartment with one or more roommates to cut down on cost. You can also move to a smaller room if you don’t need a lot of space. The money can be used as savings for an emergency fund or buying a car. If you already own a home, keep an eye on utility costs such as lights, water air conditioning among others. Maintain your house to avoided unnecessary costs such as repairs and upgrades.

Automate your savings

If you know it will be hard to set aside savings on your own, use the bank to set aside a certain fraction of your monthly income automatically. The savings will be automatically transferred to your savings account or investment account as soon as you’re paid. This relieves you the stress of budgeting your salary to cater for your savings.

Buy second-hand commodities

Consider buying and selling items at a local consignment shop or a thrift store. Thrift stores contain all basic commodities such as furniture, shoes, clothes and cooking utensils. You can also get old items or extra pieces from family or friends and save the money instead. Avoid buying too much furniture or classy and expensive furniture but rather buy the ones you can afford.

Avoid Debts

Avoid accumulating debts since they will increase not only your monthly payments but also delay your financial freedom. In case you must take a loan, ensure you pay it on time to avoid increased interests that may be difficult to pay.

Some other ways to help increase savings on a low-income include:

  • Saving transport expenses through walking or using public transport instead of driving.
  • Rent a movie and watch at home instead of going to a movie theater
  • Make your coffee at home
  • Get a side hustle job

The above tips can help you spend less on everyday activities and increase your monthly savings. It doesn’t matter the amount of income you earn, when used wisely, you can save a good sum of money.


How to Be the Best Version of Yourself

We are in this world for three main reasons- the first is to experience as many different things as possible and enjoy life to the fullest. The second reason is to create something and leave a lasting impression. The third reason is to improve, grow, and evolve to become the best version of ourselves. Inspired by a deck repair business in Fredericksburg, I embarked on a journey of reading, exercising, eating healthy, and having a sound financial plan to realize the best version of myself- the results have been tremendous.

The key question you need to ask yourself is – what can you do to become the best version of yourself? Let us explore the habits we can culture and work on, to become the best versions of ourselves.

Stop the fear of failure

Doe failing make you worry about what others will say about you? Does failing make you think people will label you as stupid and less worth? If that is the case, it is one of the biggest contributors that is hindering your success. It is important to realize that failure is a natural part of life and is not by any means the end of the world. Highly successful people have failed in their lives before they got a balance that defines their success.

Stop the fear of success

Do you get perplexed when everything is going on well to a point you can’t comprehend how the success you are experiencing has been so long term, and instead start contemplating and waiting for something wrong to happen instead? There might be chances that you get close to making a major breakthrough and all of a sudden, something happens that makes you fall back to where you started. If that is the case, don’t term it as coincidence- instead, it is the fear of success, and you must be ready to deal with it.

Stop pleasing people

Are you faced with situations where you want everyone to like you? You avoid disagreeing with people and you never speak up your mind? You never get angry and you never say no. If that is the case, you are many miles away from becoming the best version of yourself. You need to stop playing the role of a nice guy and become a little selfish by putting your interests first. For any second you remain to be a people’s pleaser, a part of you dies. People pleasers are taken advantage of and get prone to stress and depression.

Stop criticizing and judging others

People are so quick to judge and label others without even knowing deeply how people are. To become the best version of yourself, you must be willing and ready to eliminate all negative energy. When you throw negative energy at others, you will be potentially damaging your self-worth and self-esteem. You will also be throwing some buckets of negative energy into the universe for yourself. Avoid assuming anything and don’t create any expectations from others.

How to Set Your Financial Goals

financesIt can be hard to know how to prioritize and set your financial goals. It is very important to understand your worth, as this helps you know how much cash is getting in and out of your business. Irrespective of your age, financial planning is very important to people at all stages of their life. Everyone has financial needs and dreams. In my experience, my first ones was to save enough capital to set up a Pressure Washing Business and I succeed on that. Financial planning will help you identify your goals and set up a strategy for achieving them.

But how exactly do you set your financial goals? Where do you start from and how do you go about it?  Here are some ways to go about it.

Figure out what matters to you

Before you can create a financial plan, you need first to understand your goals. Some want to save for retirement, others want to save for business, others to buy a home, among others. It is important to think about your short term goals as well as long term ones. Write your goals on a piece of paper and see how practical achieving them can be. Unless you have an idea of what you want to achieve first, you will not be able to achieve it.

Set Your Priorities

Every goal needs to be prioritized and quantified. When you have all your financial information and made a list of what you need, it is time to set the priorities. Give priorities to each goal depending with their importance. Take the list of your goals and number them according to your true interests.

Create a realistic budget

In order to achieve your goals, you need to have a realistic budget. You need a budget that takes all your expenses into account. People normally tend to overlook their monthly expenses and this is where many go wrong. To set up a budget, start with a comprehensive look at your income and then make a determination and the best ways to utilize your weekly and monthly expenses.


After you have figured out your expenses, you can figure out how much income you are left with and set it aside for savings. You need to set aside a percentage no matter what, and have it automatically deducted from your income and saved in a separate account. Take a certain percentage upfront, and save it, as this is what we call paying yourself first.

Check your progress

Once you have made a concrete plan that is realistic, the next course of action is to check your progress regularly so that you can stay on track to achieving your goals. Whether you have a financial advisor or whether you are doing it on your own, you need to ensure that you are staying on course to achieving your goals. Financial planning is not a one-and-done solution. It needs to be reviewed and updated periodically. It should be revisited after a certain period to determine the practicality of achieving it as deadline nears.

How to Develop a Forex Trading Strategy

ForexPicture this; your car gets into an accident, and your family is now stuck in a lonely place.  You are worried about how to get the wreck to a mechanic and also how your family will get home safely. Then you remember Manassas Tow Truck offer these services and decide to give them a call. What happens when the team at Manassas gets to the sight? They carefully develop a strategic plan on how to get the wreckage on the tow truck and every other nitty gritty of getting your family home.

Similarly, it comes a time in the career of a forex trader to develop a winning trading strategy. Finding a trading system that perfectly resonates with you might be challenging but not impossible. There are so many strategies on the web and success stories on the same. However, we all trade differently and one trader’s winning strategy does not mean it will have similar results on you. So, you can either purchase one of those plans or tweak it and grind out your own trading system. But the primary concern is how to develop a winning forex trading strategy.

Decide the market condition you are interested in

StockMarket conditions can be split into three groups; range, breakout and trends. During ranging market, prices respect the boundaries of resistance and support. At this point, most traders employ the ‘buy low sell high’ mantra. Although ranges are common in quiet markets where there is little information to move prices higher, ranges don’t last forever. A fast market can easily be highlighted by unpredictable moves such as fresh news that rush traders to bid higher or lower prices. When this happens, the ranges become Breakout. Breakouts can be fast and furious, extremely volatile and run quickly to a trader’s stop or limit. Trends are termed a trader’s best friend. Traders who trade with trends often wait for ‘big’ levels of support and resistance to be broken and they employ the ‘buy low sell high mantra just like in the ranging market. Only that for trend traders, they apply the bias of a trend.

Decide the timeframes

Once you have narrowed down on the market condition, decide on the timeframes you want to analyze and execute your trade on. As a trader, you can use a longer-term chart to examine the general trends that could be existing in a currency pair. You could then use a shorter term chart to get a more granular view as they enter the trade.

Entering the trade

In this step, you need to design how you will be entering the trades. Having multiple mechanisms can help the trader point out the levels that may or may not be pertinent enough. After deciding on the mannerisms of support and resistance to utilize in the strategy, find a way to grade the strength of how the price moves.

Risk management

The manner in which you plan to manage risks is with no doubt the most critical part of creating, trading and maintaining a trading system. As a trader, you may win more often than lose, but it is the number of your gains or losses that will predict whether you succeed or fail in the market. Traders can make use of the risk-to-reward ratios in which one stands to make more if they are right than they could lose if they were wrong.

Execute the strategy

Finally, it is time to trade the strategy that you have developed. Although the forex market never closes, price action can change depending on the time of the day and where the liquidity is being offered from. For instance, the Asian session is regarded as one with slow price action and therefore perfect for traders executing range based strategies. The London session offers liquidity at 3 AM ET. Traders who are at that moment executing the Asian session need to be more careful since support and resistance can be easily broken with the liquidity coming from London. At 8 AM, the forex market experiences even more cash after the United States opens for business. This is often the most remarkable time of the day when both London and New York market centers are trading.

In a nutshell, the concept of forex trading and being profitable might sound attractive, but in practice much more difficult. However, as a trader with a formulaic strategy with which you look to evaluate the market, the experience will most likely be less daunting. The above tips will, without doubt, help you develop a winning forex trading strategy.

3 ways to Reduce Forex Trading Losses

Forex lossThe global Forex market is the largest financial market in the world. Its popularity is mainly because of its simplicity in trading and relatively low costs. However, Forex trading is a numbers game, and no fund manager can ever win 100% all the time. It is very unpredictable, and as a trader, you should be ready to either win or lose while trying to predict the market. Forex market trade is a profitable venture only if you, as the trader, align yourself with the way the Forex market works- without trying to bend it to what you think it should be. With an understanding that forex trading involves both potential profits and losses, how then can you reduce the risks to emerge victorious in the Forex market

Trade less

Trade less to make more. Unless you are an experienced trader- and leap profits consistently- reduce the number of trades you take each month. When you restrict yourself to a few trades every month, you will most definitely give them more thoughts and hence stand better chances of winning. Adopting this technique-until you become a profitable trader- will not only improve your winning percentage but also grow your trading account faster than you can imagine.

Do your homework well

HomeworkJust because trading with forex is easy, it doesn’t mean that you put all your money in the market without due diligence. You need to learn all the loops about forex if you have to emerge a successful trader. ‘Homework’ is an ongoing process since you need to be well aware of geopolitical and economic factors that are likely to affect your trading currency. Part of your critical assignment should be to develop a systematic trading plan for screening investments, evaluating the amount of risk involved and formulating realistic short and long-term objectives.

Master a single trading strategy at a time

A jack of all trades is a master of none. If you are starting out, and want to find success in this business, avoid adopting multiple forex trading strategies. Every forex strategy is quite different from the other and trying to learn will not only slow your success but could also blow your trading account. For instance, the criterion for a pin bar is very different from that of engulfing candle. The head and shoulder pattern is a reversal pattern while the bull and flag signal a continuation of a prevailing trend. So, choose one strategy that seems to resonate with you and study it carefully until you are a master at it.

The worldwide forex market is a profitable and rewarding venture especially when you approach it as a business. It is even more attractive because of low account requirements and round the clock trading. However, to ensure a long and successful career as a forex trader, implement the above tips to reduce making losses in the market.

How to Get Started in Forex

ForexForex is quite an interesting market that is attracting people every day and is considered to be the largest virtual market in the world. It makes it easy for people to make money even with limited experience. However, if not handled well, you can lose everything you have in the trade. This is especially when you go straight into trading without learning the process adequately. A lot of patience and self-control is required to make it in the trade. Also, it is critical that you take the trade as a business not just as a hobby. How do you get started in forex?

Get a Reputable Broker

Before signing with a forex institution, get to know whether they are registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Future Commission Merchant. Checking their website will reveal this information. You can also check for additional information just by searching the brokerage name or checking whether they are listed iwill not be after your money, carry out unauthorized transactions or worse still, defraud you but it will ensure your interests are safeguarded.

Start with a Demo

DemoAlthough you will not be making any actual money, a demo will help you learn the trades fast. This is more important if you have never traded before. Instead of going straight into the actual trades, start slowly with a demo. Going for the trades without enough knowledge and experience can lead to great losses.  Even when the broker promises to help you make the right decisions, don’t ignore the demo accounts. There is a lot to learn before you start making real cash.

Know the Currencies

The major currencies you will be dealing with include the US dollar, British Pound, Australian/ New Zealand Dollar, Euro, Swiss franc, Canadian dollar, and Japanese Yen. These are usually regarded as the major eight currencies. All trades are conducted in pairs. For instance, the USD/JPY, EURO/USD, and AUD/USD.  All the currency pairs are 18. This gives you a wide choice when making the actual trades.


Learning how to leverage ensures you do not lose much in case you make a wrong decision. Leverage is the ratio of the actual capital to the amount the broker is willing to lend to you. For some, the ratio may be 100 to 1 which means that for every dollar, the broker can lend 100$.  Lower leverages mean lower risks and profits, therefore, if you want to make more, you should increase the leverage but this should only be done when you have enough practice.

Start with Low Spreads

A spread, which is the difference between the buying and selling price of a currency, is important to consider. This is where brokers make their money. Low spreads ensure you do not lose much of your investment.

As you practice, you will learn your weak and high points and improve as need be. Also, you will get to understand the forces that determine the market trends. In fact, you will be able to predict accurately how the currencies will behave just by checking important world happenings. As most forex trading professionals agree, it is easy to make money in forex with the right information.